"A New Girlfriend" is the 46th episode in the Skyrim for Pimps series and the ninth episode of Season 4. This episode is a "very special kind of walkthrough" for the quest "The Temple of Miraak" of the Dragonborn questline (DLC).


Arriving at the port town of Raven Rock in the previous episode, Fün Tits tries talking to the locals to get information on Miraak. However, in true Fün Tits fashion, she easily gets sidetracked and tries to buy curry flavored lube from a lady selling exotic ingredients.

Fün also discovers a Raven Rock tradition, which Fün dubs the "standing spot." People would take turns standing at this one location. She discovers this first hand when Fün and another woman having polite conversation and a man stood right in-between them. The man stares at Fün for a while, walks towards her as if going in for a kiss, and leaves. A few moments later, another man stands in the same spot and like the other man, he starts staring at her.

Feeling quite silly not knowing this tradition, Fün leaves the conversation and finds a path to what looks like a statue. Interested in what it could be, she runs toward the statue but finds that there are people building something muttering as they work. She even finds one of the guards praying. Curious to find out what they're doing, Fün decides to give it a try but she unconsciously starts pounding away at the rock with a hammer.

Pulling away from the structure, Fün is approached by a wizard named Neloth who warns her not to touch the stone again. When asked about Miraak, Neloth claims that he's been dead for thousand of years and if she wants to know more about him, he should travel to his temple. Fün rides Arvaak to the temple and meets a Nord named Frea and they venture into Miraak's temple together, fighting through hordes of draugr. Fün begins to quite like Frea.

They eventually stumble upon a mysterious "black book" full of the names of Frea's ex-boyfriends. Fün Tits reads the book and is sucked into it and finds Miraak on the other side, mocking her. Fün regains consciousness and finds Frea waiting for her and telling her that they should visit her village.


Skyrim For Pimps - A New Girlfriend? (S4E09) Dragonborn Walkthrough-0

Skyrim For Pimps - A New Girlfriend? (S4E09) Dragonborn Walkthrough-0

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