Adam Koralik is one of the Game Society Pimps Gods, a religion commonly practiced in Fourth Era Skyrim.  He does not appear much in the series, but is known to laugh in the background occasionally. He's a pretty chill guy. He is the God of Background Laughter and the Chief Deity of the Game Society Pimp Gods.

In the episode, The Moose-Born, Adam summons Cock Nibbler to the Fortress of Pimpitude, where he tells Cock that he must complete the main storyline of Skyrim for a show called Skyrim For Pimps. Cock is given The Pimple, for further instructions, and sent back to Nirn.

Man behind the laughterEdit

Main article: Adam Koralik (GSP Wiki)

Adam Koralik is a member of Game Society, usually working on the business side of the organization. Adam is an architect of the Skyrim For Pimps storyline, along with Aaron and Emre.

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