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Arnbjorn was the husband of Astrid and the enemy of Fün Tits. He was one of the suspected members of the Dark Brotherhood, along with Babette, of the betrayal of her after she killed the decoy of the Emperor. His hobbies included sitting around and twiddling his dick while Fün was out in battle.


Licking AstridEdit

Arnbjorn can be seen in the background while Fün Tits was talking to Nazir. Soon after Fün Tits finds him and mistakes him for the guitarist from Abba. He then tells her that he has a wife, and then Emre breaks the news to Fün.

Lover's QuarrelEdit

Fün and Emre come up with a plan to seduce Arnbjorn to break his and Astrid's marriage.

Fün Tits' JournalEdit

Fün attempted to murder Arnbjorn when she found him hurt by Cicero, however failed to do so, as hurting him simultaneously healed him.

Astrid?! NOOOOO!Edit

Arnbjorn finally died in the raid on the Sanctuary when he was killed by Penitus Oculatus Agents whilst in werewolf form.

Dark Sisterhood Edit

Arnbjorn was referenced by Fün upon arriving at the Dawnstar Brotherhood Sanctuary.


  • "My beautiful wife has told me all about you."
  • "I love Astrid."

Alternate NamesEdit

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