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Character Attributes
Role Love Interest, Quest Giver
Faction Dark Brotherhood
Questlines The Dark Brotherhood
Appearance Attributes
First Appearance 1.03 Licking Astrid
Latest Appearance 3.13 Walking the Dead
Physical Attributes
Race Nord (Zombie, later on)
Sex Female
Current Status Deceased

Astrid is the leader of the Dark Brotherhood, and Fün Tits' love interest


Season 1Edit

After killing a Hagraven and sleeping on her hay pile, Fün Tits is taken to the Abandoned Shack where she is faced with the mysterious leader of the Dark Brotherhood and the choice of killing one guilty person out of three captives. After killing them all, Fün gets the urge to lick Astrid. Fün acts on the urge and licks her shoe. Fün is then insulted when Astrid implies that she is stupid by repeating the same sentence over and over again. Fün goes on a small adventure through a town run by a goat to the Sanctuary. Inside she meets Astrid and realizes that she talks forever. Fün dresses up as Astrid and comments that they are sisters and both lickable. Astrid takes starts repeatedly calling Fün sister, angering her. Soon, Fün gets her heart broken when the drummer from Abba, Arnbjorn, tells Fün that he is married to Astrid and her and Astrid get into a fight about the marriage. (Licking Astrid)

Astrid kidnapped Fün Tits after finding out about Grelod the Kind's death. After being considered lickable, Astrid becomes a romantic and sexual interest to Fün. Fün does everything she can think of to get Astrid to fall for her back. She puts a flower in her face, rubs a leg of goat roast on her face and even wrote "Fün Tits luvs Astrid" on a tree outside of Dawnstar. Astrid responds to none of this, and as a result, Fün goes to The Oracles for advice. Fün is unable to pickpocket Astrid's clothes, and also writes about her in her journal which shows the things she both loves and hates about Astrid. Astrid does not respond to this, but rather call Fün "sister". Fün goes on a variety of contracts and murders a lot of people for Astrid. Soon Astrid sends Fün to kill the "Emperor". Commander Maro tells Fün that someone in the Brotherhood betrayed her. After killing the soldiers, she hastily goes to the Sanctuary only to find most people in there dead. Fün hides in the Night Mothers Coffin to survive the destruction of the Sanctuary. After exiting the coffin, Fün slowly walks into the room with Astrid's charred body and Astrid saying that this was all her fault and asking Fün to kill her. Fün does this with regret. Then Fün remembers about her Staff of Dread Zombie and resurrects Astrid every 60 seconds.


Fün Tits' journal entry about Astrid.

Season 2Edit

It is implied that Fün was having sex with Astrid the whole time.

Season 3Edit

Fün finally leaves the old Sanctuary with Astrid's corpse in it because she got bored. She heard about the Dawnguard and thought that if she could become a vampire and bite Astrid, she would come back to life. Rather, she forgot all about Astrid and focused on Serana. Soon, Fün hired Crotch Guzzler to get Astrid from the old Sanctuary. After a day of being very cautious with Astrid, Crotch finally delivered Astrid to Fün, who in return, gives Crotch a cryptic pancake recipe. Fün then has to decide between Serana and Astrid. Fün cannot decide, so she goes to The Oracles to find an answer. Through rap lyrics she realizes that she needs both Astrid and Serana to be happy.

Season 5 Edit

It is revealed that Crotch trapped Astrid's soul in a Leg of Goat Roast. She later appears, accompanied by Fün, when they meet S'oggy at the College of Winterhold. They were there to see if they could get Crotch to get Astrid's skin to stop peeling off. (To Kill a Dragonborn)


  • Sister.
  • Need something?
  • Sleep well?


  • Astrid tastes like strawberries.
  • She is also known to taste like strawberry jam.
  • Fün is having sex with Astrid throughout all of Season 2.

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