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Commander Maro
Commander Maro
Character Attributes
Role Unknown
Faction Penitus Oculatus
Questlines Unknown
Appearance Attributes
First Appearance 1.10 - Epic Meal Crime
Latest Appearance 1.11 - Astrid?! NOOOOO!
Physical Attributes
Race Nord
Sex Male
Current Status Deceased

Commander Maro is the head of the Penitus Oculatus in Skyrim.

Epic Meal CrimeEdit

Commander Maro guarded the entrance to Castle Dour when Fün Tits poisoned the Emperor's Decoy. He was waiting for Fün after she tried to escape.

Astrid?! NOOOOO!Edit

Before killing him, Fün contemplated on cutting his dick off and stuffing it in his neck while cutting his head off or doing a Michael Jordan style kill by slam dunking his balls into his neck. With the help of a Scroll of Fury, she uses a Stormcloak guard to attack him. Soon another Stormcloak Guard with a Steel Battleaxe joins the fight and beats the living shit out of him.

Time Travel in Skyrim: Back to the Fü-tureEdit

Fün's plan requires her to kill Astrid, find a guard to tell Fün where Maro is, and murder him.

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