"Crotch Goes to Jail" is the 41st episode in the Skyrim for Pimps series and the 4th episode of Season 4.


After being denied his white phial (first pancake "ingredient"), Crotch Guzzler leaves the shop mad. In fact Crotch was so mad, he loses his temper at Silda the Unseen and punches her to death, resulting in his arrest, all in front of Hroar! He spends three days in jail.

Crotch is released and is unable to find Hroar. He searches for the zombified child in the hall of the dead. He receives letter from Quintus, the apprentice at the White Phial, that he might be able to find a way to fix the phial. Crotch goes to meet Quintus. To his dismay, Quintus tells him he needs three ingredients to repair the Phial; a briarheart, mammoth tusk powder, and unmelting snow. He needs to find three ingredients for his first Pancake ingredient. This does not deter him from making his pancake however, and goes off to find the ingredients.

Pancake recipe 3

Pancake Recipe...

He goes to a foresworn settlement for a briarheat; he steals Mammoth tusk powder right in front of a giant; and he goes to the throat of the world to find the unmelting snow. Once he gets to the throat of the world, he find Paarthurnax there in moody spirits. He wants Crotch to leave. Crotch tries to explain that he just wants unmelting snow and he'll be off. Paarthurnax, in turn, tells him that he uses the unmelting snow as a litter box. Crotch, not yielding to Paarthurnax, quickly takes the unmelting snow and he rushed back to Windhelm to Quintus's shop.

Quintus quickly fixes the phial and shows, his boss, Nurelion's life long research. Nurelion dies shortly after seeing the phial in its fixed form and Quintus gives Crotch his phial. Crotch obtains his first ingredient for his pancake that is sure to wow his wife, Ysolda, and daughter, Runa.


Skyrim For Pimps - Crotch Goes to Jail (S4E04) Hearthfire Walkthrough-0

Skyrim For Pimps - Crotch Goes to Jail (S4E04) Hearthfire Walkthrough-0

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