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Delvin Mallory
Character Attributes
Role Assignment Giver
Faction Thieves Guild
Questlines Thieves Guild
Appearance Attributes
First Appearance 1.07 Werewolf Wedding Crasher
Latest Appearance Unknown
Physical Attributes
Race Nord
Sex Male
Current Status Deceased

Delvin Mallory was a member of the Thieves Guild and an assignment giver to S'oggy Balls. Delvin was most noticable of having an incomprehensible accent due to S'oggy constantly misinterpreting what was said.

Season 5 Edit

Delvin was introduced to S'oggy Balls during S'oggy's first exposure to the Thieves Guild. He was responsible for sending S'oggy out on fishing, numbers and bedlam jobs. Delvin was murdered by Crotch Guzzler later into the season.

Trivia Edit

  • Was described as having the coolest voice in all of Skyrim by Emre.
  • Enjoys eating Horker Loaf.

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