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Durak soggy
Durak stops S'oggy while he's busy disposing the body of a dead thief.
Character Attributes
Role Unknown
Faction Dawnguard
Questlines Dawnguard
Appearance Attributes
First Appearance 3.01 - Dawnguard Begins!
Latest Appearance 6.11 - Licking Saadia
Physical Attributes
Race Orc
Sex Male
Current Status Unknown

Durak is an expert Vampire hunter and member of the Dawnguard. He wears a set of Fuck Buckle armor.


Dawnguard Begins!Edit

While going up the path to Fort Dawnguard, Fün Tits encounters Durak shooting a crossbow.

The Thieves GuildEdit

While S'oggy is busy disposing the body of a dead thief, Durak stops him and tries to recruit S'oggy into the Dawnguard.

Licking SaadiaEdit

Durak approaches Cock Nibbler to recruit him for the Dawnguard. As he is reading the Elder Scroll Durak approaches him again.

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