Fün's Journal
by Fün Tits

Things I like about Astrid:
1. She's hot.
2. Great taste in clothes.
3. Sexy voice.
4. Good sense of humor!
5. Gorios goryus SMART

*Crude illustration of happy Astrid

Things I don't like about Astrid:
1. She's uncommunicative.
2. Selfish. 3. ALL BUSINESS!
4. Makes me murder people.
5. Married to Beef Slippers.
6. Hard, cold, and MEAN!
7. I can't take off her clothes.
8. Has really weird friends.
9. Lives in a stupid cave.
10. Wont have SEX WITH ME!!!

*Crude illustration of Astrid with devil horns saying "Sister!" and "Need something?"

Gallery Edit

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