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Frea after being drugged by Cock Nibbler
Character Attributes
Role Unknown
Faction Unknown
Questlines Unknown
Appearance Attributes
First Appearance 4.09 - A New Girlfriend?
Latest Appearance 5.30 - Skooma Parley
Physical Attributes
Race Nord (Skaal)
Sex Female
Current Status Unknown

Frea is a companion of Fün Tits'. She was first encountered at the beginning of Fün's quest to find Miraak at the Temple of Miraak. She teams up with Fün in order to help her defeat Miraak, as he was causing her people to go into a trance. After the deaths of Astrid and Serana, she becomes Fün's newest love interest.

After discovering from Cock Nibbler that Astrid and Serana are truly dead, Fün decides to stay with Frea. In her latest appearance, Frea is still with Fün.

Quotes about FreaEdit

  • "Ugggh I gotta save my people... ohh my people... ohh my hoes and peeps," - Fün Tits (Aaron Yonda)

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