The Game Society Pimps Gods are the deities of Cock Nibbler's religion, thought to have created everything and everyone that's ever graced the land of Skyrim. Their existence is disputed by many.

Aaron is the God of Voice, believed to give us the power of speech and controls our every move.

Emre is the God of Conscience, believed to give us our morality and sense of rationality, though we may sometimes ignore His advice.

Adam is the God of Background Laughter, and He who truly maintains the balance of our world.

Donations to the Gods may be made at Patreon.

Appearances Edit

The creatorsEdit

Main article: Game Society (GSP Wiki)

In reality, Aaron, Emre and Adam are the creators of the show and co-owners of the Youtube channel, Game Society Pimps. Some of their famous series, besides Skyrim For Pimps, include Fallout For Pimps, 7 Days to Die, and The Angry Hunter. For even more of their shows, see GSP Shows.

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