Herman Melville (a.k.a. Hermaeus Mora), is a massive glob of floating tentacles that talks very slow and is credited for writing many books. His famous works includes A Kiss, Sweet Mother, The Best Pancakes Ever in all of Existence, and The Agent of Righteous Might The Movie. Additionally, he helps Crotch Guzzler build Library Land to plot his revenge for his family's death.

Alternatively, Herman Melville, also known as Hermaeus Mora, is a Daedric Prince of knowledge and a really shitty author. He wrote most of the books in Skyrim, and is really fucking boring and talks super fucking slow, like slower than a Nord on Skooma. He fucking sucks.


Note: The events are in chronological order.

Herman Melville appears in front of CockEdit

Cock Nibbler visits Septimus Signus, who is busy transcribing the lexicon. After learning that he has to collect some elf blood and gets up to leave, a wretched abyss blocks the doorway. Having an option to talk to this abyss, Cock tries to strike a conversation. The wretched abyss reveals itself to be Herman Melville and that it wants Cock to serve him. Cock does not think the abyss deserves any respect, in fact he just thinks it's just dirt that needs to get scrubbed and refuses to serve him.

In "Tittlywinks" (S6E12), Cock collects the all of the elf blood samples and returns to Septimus Signus's outpost. Septimus drinks the blood and opens a chamber holding a book called the Oghma Infinium. Septimus enters the chamber and makes a quick comment about the book but unfortunately is turned into ashes. Cock, not very interested in the book, picks it up as a souvenir and turns to leave, but he finds Herman Melville blocking the door again.

In order to get out of Septimus's little house, he agrees to be Herman Melville's champion.

Fün Tits picks up a pancake recipe and gives it to Crotch GuzzlerEdit

In season three "The Fabulous Falmers" (S3E11), Fün Tits picks up an exotic pancake recipe written by Herman Melville. She gives these books to Crotch Guzzler in exchange for Astrid's revival as seen in "Walking the Dead" (S3E12).

Crotch makes the pancakesEdit

Fün Tits convinces Crotch Guzzler that these pancakes will make his family life better. After having many adventures collecting ingredients, Crotch finally makes the exotic pancakes. The majority of the collection occurs in "Sex with George Lucas" (S4E06).

Herman Melville appears in front of CrotchEdit

Herman melville

In "Pancake Apocalypse" (S4E07), Crotch serves the pancakes to his wife, Ysolda, and his daughter, Runa but it was too late in the evening and were off to bed. Crotch places the pancake on their beds so they can eat it first thing in the morning but when Crotch woke up, his wife and daughter were dead in their beds. Crotch tries to commit suicide but fails to die. It is revealed later in Fün's adventures in Solstheim that Herman came to Crotch and offered him revenge with the power to make Library Land. The details of the Herman's influence can be seen in "Double Dragonborn" (S4E19).

This same scene can be viewed from S'oggy's point of view in "To Kill a Dragonborn" (S5E29) and "Quest For Skin" (S6E39).

Herman Melville appears in front of FünEdit

Fün has also talked to Herman Melville in "The Dickromancer" (S4E11) and "Tentacle Storn" (S4E18). She was angry at how slow he talked.


Crotch and Fün related over how fucking slow he talked.

Other worksEdit

In addition to writing The Best Pancakes Ever in all of Existence, he also wrote A Kiss, Sweet Mother (mentioned in "Quest For The Demon Horse Shadowmere" (S1E02)).

Herman Melville also screenplayed The Agent of Righteous Might The Movie, which can be seen in "Horse Thief" (S6E15).

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