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Herman Melville (Hermaeus Mora)
500px-The Gardener of Men
Herman Melville penetrating the Skaal Shaman with a book.
Character Attributes
Role Unknown
Faction Unknown
Questlines Unknown
Appearance Attributes
First Appearance Unknown
Latest Appearance Unknown
Physical Attributes
Race Daedric Prince
Sex Unknown
Current Status Unknown

Herman Melville, also known as Hermaeus Mora, is a Daedric Prince in Solsteim, and a really shitty author. He wrote most of the books in Skyrim, and is really fucking boring and talks super fucking slow, like slower than a Nord on Skooma. He fucking sucks.

Season 4Edit

Crotch Guzzler receives Herman's books with the pancake recipe's. He makes them and they kill his family. He reads a few more books by him.They suck. Guzzler gets really upset, and then tries to kill himself after failing as a father, but fails at suicide. It is revealed later in Fün's adventures in Solsteim that Herman came to Crotch and offered him revenge with the power to make 'Library Land'. Crotch and Fün related over how fucking slow he talked.

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