"I Hate Mushrooms" is the 42nd episode in the Skyrim for Pimps series and the 5th episode of Season 4. This episode is a "very special kind of walkthrough" for the mod Super Skyrim Bros.


Mario guzzler

Mario Guzzler

Crotch Guzzler sets out to find the next pancake ingredients: mushrooms from the Mushroom Kingdom, which luckily Crotch knows about from back in the day when he and Onmund used to get high. Crotch still has to find how to get there though and he wanders around Winterhold since he knew Onmund wouldn't venture far. He soon finds a little abandoned house away from the major street.

Curious that this may be the place to enter Mushroom Kingdom, Crotch enters the house and finds a note on the table detailing what not to do: sleep in the bed. Crotch sleeps in the bed inside an abandoned home, and arrives in the sky with a banner, in colorful and funky letters, welcoming him to Mushroom Kingdom. Hroar decided to not adventure in this particular place.


Little men dressed as giant turtles

Crotch Guzzler fights his way through enemies called Goombas and giant turtles with little men in them. He jumps around blocks to obtain the mushroom he needs and goes through different terrain: hills, snow areas (called iceland), desert maps, and a dark dungeon. He is unable to find the one poison mushroom. The voice in his head tells him to not worry about it because he has more than enough of these other mushrooms and tells him that they don't belong in a pancake recipe anyways.

Skyrim peach

Skyrim Peach

Entering through a secret door, Crotch finds a overgrown turtle named Bowser. He battles Bowser and rescues a princess by the name of Princess Toadstool. He checks if there are any little men inside the princess (like there were in the turtles) and leaves off to a door that led to a prize selection area, where Hroar was waiting for him.

Holding some souvenirs and the mushroom, Crotch guzzler leaves Mushroom Kingdom through a door and arrives at the other side of a cupboard in the abandoned home. Crotch and the voice in his head promises to never speak of this little place again.

Guzzler in shifting sand land


Skyrim For Pimps - I Hate Mushrooms (S4E05) Hearthfire Walkthrough-0

Skyrim For Pimps - I Hate Mushrooms (S4E05) Hearthfire Walkthrough-0

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