Markarth is a town and the hold capital of The Reach. The Jarl of the hold is Thongvor Silver-Blood.


Below is an aggregate of locations in The Reach.

Within the capital city

House of HorrorEdit

A house haunted by the daedra, Molag Bal. Fun obtains the Mace of Molag Bal at this location.

Outside city proper


A mining settlement in The Reach owned and run by Ainethach. Fün Tits visits Karthwasten to kill Ainethach, who sent mercenaries after her for killing her two children in the episode, Epic Meal Crime.

Broken Tower RedoubtEdit

Most hostages are taken here. The sybil-to-be was taken here in How to Detect Virgins and Logrolf was taken here in Demonic Penetration.

See alsoEdit


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