"Pirate Steampunk Airship Cat" is the 80th episode in the Skyrim for Pimps series and the 24th episode of Season 5.

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Boarding the airship that he captured back from the Thalmors. S'oggy finds a letter from the Justiciar Lenial detailing where to find the "moon suger." S'oggy and his inner thought suspect this may moon suger with impurities in it. If that was the case, the Thalmors would be poisoning the skooma and S'oggy couldn't have that at all.

While he wanted to fly the airship, he has no piloting experience. He tries ordering General Burnside around but he does not make sense at all. Luckly, they find a Khajiit with tiger marks and a eye patch who's favorite word is "ehhhh" who can fly an airship for him.

So S'oggy and General Burnside board his ship and is taken to the desert where it once used to be a cornfield back when S'oggy was a kitten. He asks the locals around and they tell them various things. One of them is an Argonian woman who tells S'oggy to get her chitin (pronounced SHIT-in not KAI-ten) so she can make S'oggy an amorset. He goes out and kills a few Siligonder to collect their exoskeleton and returns back to the lizard lady to shit in front of the chitin to make sure she knows what he has is it.

S'oggy also finds Justiciar Lenial's log book containing updates about the moonsuger. Yep, just as S'oggy suspected, they're trying to replace the moonsugar with moonsuger.

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Skyrim For Pimps - Pirate Steampunk Airship Cat (S5E24) - Walkthrough

Skyrim For Pimps - Pirate Steampunk Airship Cat (S5E24) - Walkthrough

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