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This article is about the character. For the episode, see S'oggy Balls (Episode).

S'oggy Balls
S'oggy Balls on the road from Winterhold, telling Crotch Guzzler his story.
Character Attributes
Role Drug Dealer, Master Thief, Harbinger
Faction The Companions, The Thieves Guild
Questlines The Companions, The Thieves Guild, Moonpath to Elsweyr
Appearance Attributes
First Appearance 2.09 - Crotch Gets Hitched
Latest Appearance 6.32 - Dark Sisterhood
Physical Attributes
Race Khajiit
Sex Male
Current Status Deceased

S'oggy Balls is one of the four protagonists of the series Skyrim for Pimps.


S'oggy Balls is a Khajiit that hails from Elsweyr. He and his brother J'zargo were raised by tiger-like creatures called Tonys after their parents died. J'zargo always wanted to be a mage, but S'oggy Balls longed to be a master of Catrate, the art of smashing your enemies with your fists. Much to S'oggy's disappointment, J'zargo frowned on such a thing and always looked down on him and never showed him the respect he felt he deserved. When J'zargo left for the College of Winterhold, S'oggy decided to prove himself to J'zargo and left for Skyrim as well, leaving behind Tony and a...very odd Khajiit named Yura. But unlike his brother, S'oggy Balls headed straight to Whiterun to join the Companions and become a legendary fighter.

S'oggy Balls was unfamiliar with the customs outside of his homeland, not understanding that selling Skooma, his favorite drug, could land him in jail, or that anal licking was considered offensive because in his homeland it is a formal greeting. At the start of the series, S'oggy also could not read or write very well, leading to the threat of a restraining order by Ysolda after he sends her a creepy message.


s'oggy balls makes appearances in Season 2, Season 5, and Season 6. s'oggy balls stars as the main character in Season 5. See Timeline for a visual of the events in relation to the other three main characters.

Season 2Edit

S'oggy Balls makes his first cameo in the episode "Crotch Gets Hitched". He can be seen in the background of Crotch /Ysolda's wedding.

Season 5Edit

Main article: Season 5 - Story

S'oggy Balls was determined to impress his brother, J'zargo, and left for Skyrim to join the legendary band of warriors: the Companions!

Season 6Edit

Although S'oggy Balls is not the main character in Season 6, S'oggy Balls can be seen through the eyes of Cock Nibbler and Fun Tits. Cock directly interacts with S'oggy in the episode Giant Chicken Army.

  • In Giant Chicken Army, Cock Nibbler kills a dragon in front of S'oggy Balls, who is amazed at his Dragonborn skills. Cock Nibbler flies away during their conversation further amazing S'oggy Balls. Cock suspects S'oggy is high.

Quotes Edit

  • "A clean Khajit is not a Khajit any longer!" (In "Sex With Aela" , to J'zargo)
  • "Friendship Smash!" (In "Friendship Smash")
  • "You only have 5700? God dammit, Sprinkles! I just gave you 10,000 the other day! What happened to all of it, you dipshit?!" (In "Skooma Face", to Sprinkles, the drug dealer)

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