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Season 2 follows the story of Crotch Guzzler, an aspiring mage as he heads off to College. He makes his way to the College of Winterhold where he talks to people, follows them around a lot and fetches books constantly. After saving the College from Ancano- the one with the greatest butt he is awarded the title of Arch Mage.

After partying and sleeping with Brelyna, Crotch enters the real world and meets Ysolda, a drug dealer who is originally thought to be a prostitute. He later marries Ysolda at a ceremony in Riften, and prepares himself for married life and the possibility of kids. However, Crotch continues to hold a grudge against his former college 'friends' and professors. He snaps and returns to the college to kill them all.

List of EpisodesEdit

  1. "A Pimp Goes to College"
  2. "Bad Intentions"
  3. "The Augur of Freeman"
  4. "The Staff of Boredom"
  5. "Tolfdir's Accident"
  6. "Sex with Brelyna"
  7. "Sexy Party"
  8. "Daedric Blind Date"
  9. "Crotch Gets Hitched"
  10. "Daedric Asthma Attack"
  11. "Crotch vs Winterhold"

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