While resurrecting Astrid every sixty seconds is enjoyable, Fün Tits has grown bored and finally decides to leave the cave. She has heard talk of vampires and an organization called the Dawnguard. But it isn't vampire hunting Fün is interested in, instead she seeks to become a vampire, bite Astrid and make her alive again! Fün heads to the Dawnguard and is ordered to investigate Dim Hollow crypt where the vampires are seeking something. After fighting her way through hordes of impossibly tough vampires, Fün discovers a sealed crypt and inside is a sexy lady named Serana. Fün takes Serana back to her home Castle Volkihar and meets her father, Lord Harkon. Obtaining the ability to become a vampire from Harkon, she sets out to aid in Harkon's life long dream: to blotch out the sun.

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