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Season 5 revolves around the character S'oggy Balls, A khajit from the province of Elsweyr, completing the companions and theives guild quest lines. The story begins with S'oggy retelling the story of his adventures in Skyirm to Crotch Guzzler, the man who killed his brother J'zargo, as part of his plan to torture him with an endlessly long story before killing him. When S'oggy first arrives to Skyrim he is unaware of the customs and laws of Skyirm and tries offering skooma to a guard thus he gets thrown in jail. S'oggy escapes his cell with a lockpick he found in the rectum of his dead, naked cellmate. After escaping, S'oggy heads to Jorvaskar, where he murders two companions. S'oggy is accepted into the companions upon kneeing Vilkas in the balls. As the story progresses S'oggy becomes infatuated with Aela the Huntress, and becomes a werewolf by drinking her blood. S'oggy destroys the entire silver hand and aides Kodlak Whitemane in ridding himself of his inner tony. Kodlak names him Harbinger of the companions. S'oggy then heads to Riften to join the theives guild. He is able to join upon getting info on Goldenglow estate, discovering it was sold. S'oggy meets Fun Tits in the ragged Flagon who he gives his werewolf blood to as well as the the battleaxe, Wuthraad. After this, S'oggy heads to the Honningbrew Meadery to poison the barrel of mead as Commander Caius would be stopping by later for a drink. Sabjorn (Prounced: Sab-Ulon) is arrested for the attempted poisoning of Commander Caius and hauled off to Dragon's Reach Dungeon. Shortly after, S'oggy attemps to steal a honey nut treat that he would feed to General Burnside but is caught my Mallus Maccius. S'oggy rips out 3 of Mallus' hearts and feeds them to General Burnside.


List of EpisodesEdit

  1. "S'oggy Balls"
  2. "Friendship Smash"
  3. "A Little CatDog"
  4. "General Burnside" 
  5. "Unexpecto Patronum"
  6. "Turkey Time"
  7. "Wuuthrad"
  8. "Sex with Aela"
  9. "The Thieves Guild"
  10. "Aela's New Outfits"
  11. "Hide and Go Smash"
  12. "When Tits Met Balls"
  13. "Grand Theft Solitude"
  14. "S'oggy Sketch Artist"
  15. "Sneaky Lizzard"
  16. "Fish Stick"
  17. "Invisible Wank Job"
  18. "Reading Retart"
  19. "Playnord"
  20. "Secret Cake Thief"
  21. "Ysolda Gets Hitched"
  22. "Nocturnal Submission"
  23. "Stoned Khajiit"
  24. "Pirate Steampunk Airship Cat"
  25. "Flying Dogs"
  26. "Diabetes Anderson"
  27. "Skoomaface"
  28. "Revenge of the Puss"
  29. "To Kill a Dragonborn"
  30. "Skooma Parley"
  31. "After Sex with Aela"
  32. "Survival Horror Dungeon"
  33. "Who's Your Shadow Daddy"

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