Season six is a continuation of the pilot episode, DON'T ATTACK THE CHICKENS featuring Cock Nibbler (and later Fün Tits) as the main protagonists. This is the first season to feature Cock Nibbler although he has made a few appearances in past seasons. Season six follows Cock's life as an invincible homeless man trying to find a way to kill himself. The events of this season happen concurrently with the other five seasons.

Cock Nibbler, in his quest to commit suicide, finds out through the events of the main storyline of Skyrim that he is a Dragonborn. He is summoned by the Game Society Pimps, three gods adhering to the ways of the pimple, to complete the main storyline. Having been given new purpose in life, Cock sets out to complete the main storyline with many distractions and obstacles hindering his mission along the way.

First, Cock Nibbler is recruited by the Agents of Righteous Might to destroy the evil daedric cult called the Mythic Dawn. After that, the Vigilants of Stendarr has Cock destroying the "lich dome."

Eventually Cock Nibbler, gets called out by the Game Society Pimps gods and completes the main storyline. However, by the time he defeats Goat Nibbler, the Game Society Pimps gods have abandoned him. In order to get back on the gods good side, Cock decides to build a temple dedicated to them. He decides to call it Cock Tower.

While Cock Nibbler builds his tower, Fün Tits along with her girlfriends Serana and Astrid lay down the ground work to rebuild the Dark Brotherhood. They travel to Dawnstar, where their new headquarters are located and meet the new recruits eager to show their worth. Astrid is crowned the new Night Mother. Later, Fün Tits goes on a journey to find some skin for Astrid.

Cock feeling abandoned by his gods, starts abusing a drug called snow and goes on sexual escapades. Eventually, he runs out of drugs and goes to Solstheim to get more. Shortly after having sex with Frea, Cock is interrupted by the Ancient Traveler who convinces Cock to stop Fün Tits and Crotch Guzzler's fight.

Season six also briefly follows General Burnside's trip to deliver Fün Tits a letter detailing S'oggy Balls's offer to get back her beloved Leg of Goat Roast.

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Following Season 6 can be complicated. The following is the quest or questline in each of the episodes.

Episodes Questline
1 - 10 Main Questline
11 - 13 In My Time of Need / Discerning the Transmundane
14 - 21 Agent of Righteous Might (Mod)
22 Club Obos (Mod)
23 - 24 Undeath (Mod)
25 - 31 Main Questline / Faction: Pit Fighter (Mod)
32 - 39 The Dark Brotherhood Resurrection (Mod) / Boethiah's Calling
40 -
41 A Daedra's Best Friend / The Ebony Warrior

Episode portal via thumnailsEdit

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  • Episode 2: Kooky WizardGo to Kooky Wizard
  • Episode 3: The Moose-BornGo to The Moose-Born
  • Episode 4: Mai DikGo to Mai Dik
  • Episode 5: Hobo Talent ShowGo to Hobo Talent Show
  • Episode 6: Song of Mai DikGo to Song of Mai Dik
  • Episode 7: Obsessed FanGo to Obsessed Fan
  • Episode 8: Winterhold SUCKSGo to Winterhold SUCKS
  • Episode 9: Wrestling HoboGo to Wrestling Hobo
  • Episode 10: Pastel HELLGo to Pastel HELL
  • Episode 11: Licking SaadiaGo to Licking Saadia
  • Episode 12: TittlywinksGo to Tittlywinks
  • Episode 13: Crazed CourierGo to Crazed Courier
  • Episode 14: Werewolf Skooma AddictGo to Werewolf Skooma Addict
  • Episode 15: Horse ThiefGo to Horse Thief
  • Episode 16: SExpress MailGo to SExpress Mail
  • Episode 17: Erik The Cabbage SlayerGo to Erik The Cabbage Slayer
  • Episode 18: The Real Slim NibblerGo to The Real Slim Nibbler
  • Episode 19: Nekkid Cave PeopleGo to Nekkid Cave People
  • Episode 20: The Spy Who Bugged MeGo to The Spy Who Bugged Me
  • Episode 21: The Cook Did ItGo to The Cook Did It
  • Episode 22: Club HobosGo to Club Hobos
  • Episode 23: The Lich DomeGo to The Lich Dome
  • Episode 24: Flying in SkyrimGo to Flying in Skyrim
  • Episode 25: Drag 'N RendGo to Drag 'N Rend
  • Episode 26: Giant Chicken ArmyGo to Giant Chicken Army
  • Episode 27: Venison, King of DinnerGo to Venison, King of Dinner
  • Episode 28: Fellowship of the C**k RingGo to Fellowship of the C**k Ring
  • Episode 29: Immortal KombatGo to Immortal Kombat
  • Episode 30: Heavy Metal MusicalGo to Heavy Metal Musical
  • Episode 31: Main Quest CompletedGo to Main Quest Completed
  • Episode 32: Dark SisterhoodGo to Dark Sisterhood
  • Episode 33: How To Detect VirginsGo to How To Detect Virgins
  • Episode 34: Fresh, Unviolated SlavesGo to Fresh, Unviolated Slaves
  • Episode 35: Stabby White & the 7 CorpsesGo to Stabby White & the 7 Corpses
  • Episode 36: link=Apple AssassinGo to Apple Assassin
  • Episode 37: Dead KidGo to Dead Kid
  • Episode 38: Demonic PenetrationGo to Demonic Penetration
  • Episode 39: Quest For SkinGo to Quest For Skin
  • Episode 40: Fear and Loathing in SkyrimGo to Fear and Loathing in Skyrim

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