"Stoned Khajiit" is the 79th episode in the Skyrim for Pimps series and the 23rd episode of Season 5. This episode is a part of a "very special kind of walkthrough" for the Moonpath to Elsweyr Questline (Mod DLC).

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After having a "fun time" with Karliah, S'oggy decides he's going to go back to Elsweyr to tell his brother about his accomplishments.

Once S'oggy and General Burnside arrives at Elsweyr, he looks for his brother at the tree house but he wasn't there. Suspecting that he might have gone deeper into Elsweyr into the waterways to hang out with his buddy Ameir, S'oggy heads on down. There he crushes some beasts and talk to a crab.

He also finds the skeleton gang that he was bullied by during his childhood. Now that he's mastered cat-ra-te he has no problem defeating them.

Further deeper into the jungle, he finds the poor neighborhood. There he finds Ameir, who apparently had a sex change. Oddly, she has nothing to say about J'zargo and starts clapping her hands uncontrollably like Yura. Thinking it might be best to go away, he talks to the other residents but find out that they are quite too high to have decent conversation with. He suspects the skooma supply may have been poisoned and that's why they're all acting so oddly. S'oggy has to investigate.

He finally finds someone who wasn't high on skooma, Mervar, a muscular deep-voiced and clear-headed Khajiit. S'oggy explains to the voice in his head that he became that way because he didn't take skooma. Not taking skooma goes against their tradition but since that makes his strong, they can't stop him.

Mervar asks that he looks for Qa'amel (K'amel), who turns out to be a Khajiit that walks around with his eyes closed. After listening to him speak, he goes back to Mervar and he has S'oggy go talk to his brother. After all of this, S'oggy finds who the enemies are, the Thalmor, who have jurisdiction of Elsweyr and starts attacking him. In order to save the airship from the ambush, S'oggy defeats all of the Thalmor.

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Skyrim for Pimps - Stoned Khajiit (S5E23) - Walkthrough

Skyrim for Pimps - Stoned Khajiit (S5E23) - Walkthrough

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