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Timeline Edit

The events on the same row are thought to be events that are essentially the same or events that are related to each other in both content and time.

Seasons 2, 3, and 4 are located after season 1 due to constraints in the table.

Season 1 Season 5 Season 6
In General Burnside, S'oggy meets a goblin and names it General Burnside. In Song of Mai Dik, Cock witnesses S'oggy and Mai Dik/General Burnside getting acquainted at the Bannered Mare
In Fun With Assassinations, Fün finds a Leg of Goat Roast on Beitild just after assassinating her. She gives the roast to Astrid as a present. In Crazed Courier, Cock gives the Leg of Goat Roast as charity from his inventory to Beitild just outside Iron-Breaker Mine in Dawnstar.
In After Sex With Aela, S'oggy goes to Club Obos for sex but finds the party over. (Paarthurnax's story) In Club Hobos, Cock goes to Club Obos to celebrate destroying evil and ends up having sex with an ugly lizard woman.
In Lover's Quarrel, Fün goes to Markarth for another Dark Brotherhood mission, this time she meets her contract, Muiri. In The Lich Dome, Cock, ashamed of his one night stand with a ugly "lizard," asks Fün Tits outside Markarth to kill him.
In After Sex With Aela, S'oggy is still sexually frustrated with Aela and has sex with a cow. (Paarthurnax's story) In Drag 'N Rend, Cock witnesses a werewolf (S'oggy) humping a Cow.
In Sex With Aela, S'oggy finds Cock fighting a dragon. After finishing off the dragon, Cock flies away from him. In Giant Chicken Army, Cock kills a dragon in front of S'oggy, who is amazed at his Dragonborn skills. Cock flies away thinking S'oggy is high on skooma.

In When T*ts Met Balls, Fün Tits goes to Thieves Guild HQ to drop off an amulet for Delvin. Presumably, this is when she meets S'oggy and receives the werewolf blood.

In When T*ts Met Balls, S'oggy meets Fün who was sent by Astrid to give an amulet to Delvin at the Thieves Guild HQ. S'oggy gives werewolf blood and Wuuthrad to her.

In Werewolf Wedding Crasher, Lydia stands at the entrance of Thieves Guild like a gargoyle. In When T*ts Met Balls, General Burnside licks Gargoyle Lydia at the entrance of Thieves Guild.
In Werewolf Wedding Crasher, Fün turns into a werewolf to assassinate Victoria Vici at a wedding. In Fish Stick, S'oggy sees a werewolf murdering at a wedding.
Season 2
In A Pimp Goes to College, Crotch witnesses Tolfdir kill an innocent goat in their first field trip. In Invisible Man Job, S'oggy sees a dead goat by Winterhold, which he suspects was killed by a crazy wizard (Tolfdir).
In Main Quest Completed, Cock defeats Goat Nibbler (Alduin) completing the main storyline. The Ancient Traveler tells him to stop Fün Tits and Crotch Guzzler from destroying each other in the events of Double Dragonborn.
In Crotch Gets Hitched, Crotch marries Ysolda in Riften In Ysolda Gets Hitched, S'oggy attends Crotch's wedding.
In Crotch vs Winterhold, Crotch kills everyone in the College of Winterhold.
Season 3
In When Tits Met Crotch, Crotch is standing in the arcanium instead of Urag gro-Shub. Since Fün needs the Elder Scroll from Urag, she decides to strike up conversation with Crotch. She gains the key to Crotch's wife's house since the elder scroll is located there.
In How to Make Love to a Moth, Fün enters Ysolda's house to retrieve the Elder Scroll. She notices there are tons of skulls.
In The Fabulous Falmers, Fün obtains the ancient pancake recipe.
In Grudge Match of the Century, Fün shoots out the sun with Auriel's Bow and the world goes dark. In Skooma Face, S'oggy witnesses the world go dark and the sun blotching out. Even Ysolda notices. In Dark Sisterhood, Cock starts building Cock Tower to impress his gods. During construction, the sky goes black and the sun look like an anus.
In Walking the Dead, Fün asks Crotch to revive and retrieve Astrid and the Leg of Goat Roast for her ancient Pancake recipe. Crotch hesitantly agrees.
Season 4
In House of Crotch, Crotch builds a house for his family. In Dark Sisterhood, Crotch is seen building a house for his family.
In Skooma Face, S'oggy buys all the Skooma he can. This causes anarchy in the streets of Whiterun due to shortage. In Dark Sisterhood, S'oggy is smashing the people of Whiterun in the chaos caused by a Skooma shortage.
In Dark Sisterhood, Fün starts rebuilding the Dark Brotherhood.
S'oggy finds Crotch's journal detailing how he killed J'zargo (S'oggy's brother).
In Sex with George Lucas, Crotch finds the Aretino Spaghetti Plate (required for the Pancake) dumped with Lydia and a ton of sweetrolls. In Apple Assassin, Fün finds Lydia dead in her home. Fun decides to dump her body outside her house.
In Sex with George Lucas, Crotch kills most of the members of Thieves Guild after obtaining the blockbuster videos (ingredients for the Pancake). In Revenge of the Pu*s, S'oggy witnesses Crotch killing everyone in the Thieves Guild. S'oggy plants Skooma on Hroar and follows the scent back to Crotch's house.
In Pancake Apocalypse, Crotch notices that his pancakes have killed his wife and daughter. In Revenge of the Pu*s, S'oggy loots some stuff from Crotch's house including the Leg of Goat Roast and the mysterious Pancake and murdered Ysolda and her daughter.
In To Kill a Dragonborn, S'oggy tries to give the Leg of Goat Roast to Paarthurnax but he realizes that Astrid's soul is trapped in it. 
In To Kill a Dragonborn, S'oggy witnesses Crotch jumping off of a bridge at the college to commit suicide.
In To Kill a Dragonborn, Fün arrives at the college to get Crotch to fix up Astrid. Instead she meets S'oggy who thought of giving the Leg of Goat Roast to Fün decided against it.

In Quest For Skin, Fün arrives at the college to get a wizard to fix up Astrid. She instead meets S'oggy and has a conversation with him.

In To Kill a Dragonborn, Herman Melville gives Crotch a chance for revenge and gets sucked into its abyss. In Quest For Skin, Herman Melville gives Crotch a chance for him to get revenge and gets sucked into its abyss.
In Morrowind Sucks, Fün kills Ainethach and goes home to Whiterun. Astrid and Serana are dead and Fun starts the Dragonborn Questline. In Quest For Skin, Fün prepares to go into retirement and tie up the loose ends by killing Ainethach.
In Fear and Loathing in Skyrim, Cock goes on a sexual escapade and meets the Ancient Traveler along the way. The Ancient Traveler reminds Cock that he must stop Fün and Crotch from destroying each other on the turdas coming up.
In Double Dragonborn, Fün fights Crotch but is stopped by Cock. In Search for Mai Dik, Cock stops the fight between Fün and Crotch.
In Double Dragonborn, Fün and Frea go on a booty shaking tour across Skyrim. In Search for Mai Dik, General Burnside delivers a letter to Fün for S'oggy.
In To Kill a Dragonborn, Crotch realizes that S'oggy killed his family.
The events of Skooma Parley.
Paarthurnax tells stories about S'oggy's secrets in After Sex With Aela, Survival Horror Dungeon, and Who's Your Shadow Daddy?.

The events right after Skooma Parley, whatever that may be, is assumed to be the most current time in the Skyrim For Pimps Universe.

Skyrim For Pimps Seasons
Season 1Season 2Season 3Season 4Season 5Season 6

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