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Character Attributes
Role Fuckface
Faction The College of Winterhold
Questlines The College of Winterhold
Appearance Attributes
First Appearance 2.01 A Pimp Goes To College
Latest Appearance 2.11 Crotch Vs Winterhold
Physical Attributes
Race Nord
Sex Male
Current Status Unknown

Tolfdir was the Alteration professor at the College of Winterhold. He was murdered by Crotch Guzzler during The Massacre of the College of Magic.

Personality Edit

Tolfdir was arguably the most annoying person in the College of Winterhold, which is a rather mean feat considering how annoying every fucking person there was. He was very fascinated by everything. He was fairly strong for an old man, having survived being shouted off a high bridge. He was also rather lazy and audacious, forcing Crotch to save Winterhold while he sat in Crotch's chair and did nothing to help. During The Massacre of the College of Magic he couldn't be bothered to pursue Crotch out of the Hall of Attainment, preferring instead to sit in Crotch's chair atop J'zargo's rotting corpse.

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