• Quottlol

    Technical Update

    Hello Skyrim For Pimps Wiki Community,

    Today I would like to introduce sfpbot. The bot will be doing simple but necessary tasks like categorizing files and fixing repetitive errors. The bot will not be able to create its own content or fix infrequent grammatical errors so I very much appreciate any and all help that we can get on the wiki.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the bot please contact User:Quottlol or comment below.

    Have a good week everyone!

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  • Quottlol

    Hello fellow Skyrim For Pimps fans,

    We are anticipating Season 6 Episode 41 to come out tomorrow (UTC-6). We cannot wait for the new episode and we think now would be a good time to go back and watch episode 40, link here: Fear and Loathing in Skyrim (S6E40) (YouTube Link). We certainly will be!

    Additionally, to follow what all of the main characters have been doing until this time, check out the Skyrim For Pimps Timeline. Just by looking at the timeline, we can recommend you to watch the episode, Double Dragonborn (S4E19).

    Thank you all for visiting and helping out the wiki. And as always, we want to say thank you to Game Society for the awesome content.

    Please feel free to contact us @Quottlol if you have any questions or concerns.



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  • Quottlol

    Features Added 5

    February 9, 2017 by Quottlol

    We just want to use the last of five posts to thank all of the existing Skyrim For Pimps Wiki contributors, visitors, and commenters. We love Skyrim For Pimps and we love that there are other people who feel the same. Thank you. And obviously we owe a big thank you to Game Society for creating this messed up genius of a series. Thanks man!

    Continuing forward, we will be trying to edit every Tuesday. We plan to Cl*ffnotes all of the episodes in Season 5 since that seems to be the most popular season. We'll try to finish Season 4 and Season 6 on the other days if time permits. Season six is 45% finished and we haven't started on season four.

    Schedule for February

    2/14 S5E01, S5E02

    2/21 S5E03, S5E04

    2/28 S5E05, S5E05


    Also for what's new, ple…

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  • Quottlol

    Features Added 4

    February 9, 2017 by Quottlol

    In the last post we introduced the two crucial food items in the Skyrim For Pimps Universe: Leg of Goat Roast and Crotch's Pancake. Please check them out because Game Society did a genius job of connecting the different stories together with these things.

    This time we would like to introduce the Skyrim For Pimps Timeline. The timeline combines all six seasons of Skyrim For Pimps into a table.

    • Each column is a season (Seasons 3 and 4 are located after season 1 and 2 respectively due to constraints in the table).
    • Each row features an event that occurred in Skyrim For Pimps. The events on the same row are thought to be events that are essentially the same or events that are related in both content and time.
    • The tables are color coded so Fün is re…
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  • Quottlol

    Features Added 3

    February 9, 2017 by Quottlol

    In the last post we introduced the new episode pages, season pages, location pages, and character pages we have created and their improvements. In this post, we would like to bring two new item pages that we find super exciting in the world of Skyrim For Pimps

    1. Leg of Goat Roast This item has changed hands so many times throughout the series that we are astonished by how much planning the Game Society guys have done in order to smoothly tie the story together without any goofs. We detail the route the leg of goat roast has traveled in the series so you can chronologically re-watch all the scenes with the leg of goat roast. We suspect there a few things we missed so please check out the Leg of Goat Roast and make the appropriate changes so we c…
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