April 2017 Update: Wiki Content is obsolete.

Hello everyone!! This is the first of few posts on the exciting new "features" added to the wiki. First, we would like to thank all of the existing Skyrim For Pimps Wiki contributors. We love what's going on here and that's why we added a bunch of new pages to this wiki. Also, we have to thank Game Society because they are the creators of this magnificent series.

Now, we would like to use the first post to mention the Wiki Content page. The Wiki Content page neatly lists the seasons as such:
Wiki content example

as well as lists links to categories of all the pages in this wiki as such:

Wiki content example 2

We believe this page looks very intuitive and does not require understanding the wiki markup or organization to navigate around the wiki. Hopefully this page makes sense. Please contact us @Quottlol if you have any questions or concerns.


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