In the last post we introduced the new episode pages, season pages, location pages, and character pages we have created and their improvements. In this post, we would like to bring two new item pages that we find super exciting in the world of Skyrim For Pimps

  1. Leg of Goat Roast This item has changed hands so many times throughout the series that we are astonished by how much planning the Game Society guys have done in order to smoothly tie the story together without any goofs. We detail the route the leg of goat roast has traveled in the series so you can chronologically re-watch all the scenes with the leg of goat roast. We suspect there a few things we missed so please check out the Leg of Goat Roast and make the appropriate changes so we can be even more surprised by the Game Society's foresight and planning.
  2. Crotch's Pancake This item is pretty awesome as well. First introduced in Season 3 as just some recipe, in Season 4, Crotch collects all of the ingredients and makes the dam* Pancake. And then Crotch finds his family dead and blames it on the pancake, builds Library Land, and fights Fün, who gave him the recipe. But that's not it, in Season 5, S'oggy uses the pancake originally for Crotch's family and gives it to Paarthurnax, who in turn tells S'oggy how to defeat Dragonborns. Who knew these two food items would be so integral to Skyrim storytelling.

We love Skyrim For Pimps and the Leg of Goat Roast and Crotch's Pancake are an indispensable part of the series.

Again please contact us @Quottlol if you have any questions or concerns.

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