We just want to use the last of five posts to thank all of the existing Skyrim For Pimps Wiki contributors, visitors, and commenters. We love Skyrim For Pimps and we love that there are other people who feel the same. Thank you. And obviously we owe a big thank you to Game Society for creating this messed up genius of a series. Thanks man!

Continuing forward, we will be trying to edit every Tuesday. We plan to Cl*ffnotes all of the episodes in Season 5 since that seems to be the most popular season. We'll try to finish Season 4 and Season 6 on the other days if time permits. Season six is 45% finished and we haven't started on season four.

Schedule for February

2/14 S5E01, S5E02

2/21 S5E03, S5E04

2/28 S5E05, S5E05


Also for what's new, please check out Features Added 4, Features Added 3, Features Added 2, and Features Added, which goes into detail on what's new.

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