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Veezara was an Argonian member of the Dark Brotherhood. Fün Tits showed very little interest in his life, even showing no concern when he was stabbed by Cicero.

Character Attributes
Role Unknown
Faction Dark Brotherhood
Questlines Dark Brotherhood
Appearance Attributes
First Appearance 1.05 Lover's Quarrel
Latest Appearance 1.08 Behold...SHADOWMERE!
Physical Attributes
Race Argonian
Sex Male
Current Status Deceased


Veezara was an Argonian Dark Brotherhood assassin. He assisted Fün Tits when she killed Vittoria Vici. After some time went past, Cicero betrayed the Brotherhood and stabbed Veezara. He later recovered from his "severe" injuries. The Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary was attacked by the Penitus Oculatus, where he was killed.

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