"Who's Your Shadow Daddy" is the 89th episode in the Skyrim for Pimps series and the 33rd episode of Season 5. This episode is a "very special kind of walkthrough" for the mission "The Fifth Gate" (Mod DLC).

Plot Edit

Paarthurnax tells another embarrassing story of S'oggy Balls to Brad the Bard, who is packed into a wooden shipping box.

After consulting Paarthurnax on how to defeat dragonborns, S'oggy takes a lot of skooma. He wanders onto a tomb and the next thing he knows, he's stuck in a dungeon. There he meets "basket," a normal looking basket with no special powers what so ever as one would expect. However, S'oggy holds this basket in front of him, thinking it would do some good. Walking along the dungeon with "basket" S'oggy opens door and destroys gargoyle crediting basket for these events. Additionally, the basket would stop draugrs from reaching him and spiders from dirtying his clothes with webs.


Throughout his adventuring in the dungeon, he hears screams in the distance. Eventually, a voice talks to S'oggy, who later reveals that his name is Nathan. It appears that he has been trapped in a room full of chairs and he has been stubbing his toes.
Jar room

Jar room

He also reaches a room full of bugs trapped in a jar. He decides that he will name all of them and release them into the snowy mountainside. He believes these bugs should not be in captivity and be free, even if they might only live for a few seconds on the mountain.

Later, after S'oggy lets "basket" get rest on a bed, falls down into a trap which leads him into a room with several stone bridges, he goes through a few doors, and solves some puzzles all without basket as he didn't bring it with him when falling in the trap. He is able to get out once he solved everything and goes through a curtain of light which transports him outside. He finds a large vampire who starts attacking him so he attacks back. Since the vampire is so tall, he has to keep fighting his crotch but makes easy job of the vampire. He takes shadow armor that was on the vampire revealing a bare butt. Both S'oggy and his inner voice feels sick but they get back to the snowy mountainside they started out on. Relieved to find General Burnside back at his side, they go back to tracking down Hroar to kill Crotch Guzzler.


Paarthurnax reveals that S'oggy never thinks about that basket again, which was a shame because the basket was "an extremely powerful artifact of ancient origin." He then ships Brad the Bard to his dragon friend overseas named Giant Scaly Cock for servicing. Brad the Bard sullenly sings a song using the new story he heard from Paarthurnax about S'oggy as he gets shipped overseas.

Video Edit

Skyrim For Pimps - Who's Your Shadow Daddy? (S5E33) - Walkthrough24:02

Skyrim For Pimps - Who's Your Shadow Daddy? (S5E33) - Walkthrough

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